Why Organic Pest Defense?

✅ Safest Products

✅ Guaranteed Results

✅ Trained Specialists with 160+ hours of experience


We are proud to bring to Utah its first fully Organic Pest Control company. All of our products are FIFRA 25B exempt or OMRI approved. What this means for you is that everything we use is Natural and completely Plant Based! With products that can work as quick knock downs. Or as strong repellents, we can guarantee to get the bugs away from your Home,  Family and Pets. keeping them away for good! Organic Pest Defense is Safe for You. Safe for the Environment and proud of our Moxie Service


Moxie’s Technicians have years of experience and expertise. Our goal as a company and family, is to provide you with outstanding customer service and results! When you Sign up for our Annual plan, you can rest easy knowing that it is experts who have spent years in this industry who will be taking care of you. Also we view you as individuals, you are not just a number to our Family.

Servicing all of Utah from Ogden down to St George. We provide the safest and most affective products at the best price.


We are also one of the top rated Pest Control Services in Utah https://www.handymanreviewed.com/best-pest-control-utah/

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