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Safe for you. Safe for the environment.

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Normally our first service would be $235 and after that just $135 once every season. Contact us today and receive your first visit for just $99!
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Safe for you. Safe for the environment.

We are proud to bring to Utah, your first fully Organic Pest Control. Not only do we want to eliminate the bugs but we want to make sure your family is safe from potentially harmful chemicals that other companies use in and around your house. All our products are certified Organic and 100% green. Our technicians have years of expertise at their disposal.

It does not take nuclear waste to kill bugs. Many things, not limited too soapy water, cleaning supplies and hair spray can kill bugs. Of course nature has come up with lots of things to keep the insects at bay. If it weren’t for natural pest control agents we would be up to our elbows in bugs. Thank you Mother Nature to providing our solution.

Live in Comfort with our Pest Control Guarantee: if you have a pest Emergency in between regularly scheduled visits give us a call. We will come back and treat again, anytime for free.

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